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Easy patient education,team training,and more!

Practice automation tools that actually work! Our ROF builder addresses all of the ways people assimilate data are far more effective than simply discussing a treatment plan with a potential patient. Some need to read text, some prefer video, others need testimonials and still more need 3rd party expert opinion and or studies. It's advanced sales psychology and we've incorporated all of these strategies in our extremely affordable and easy to use program. No technical expertise necessary!

Our team training is self paced and takes the stress off of the practice owner. Let industry experts train your staff on your schedule!

Physicians Assistance

The Practice Automation Tools, Programs, and Systems Chiropractic Practices Use to Grow.

We create easy to use practice automation tools, staff training, systems and business management programs for Chiropractic and Integrated Practices that enable them to help more patients, increase revenue, and see larger bottom-line profits. Having consulted with countless Chiropractors over many years, we have learned the challenges they face and with their help, we create solutions to reduce or eliminate these every day challenges, minimize owner stress and maximize practice profits.

Grow your practice with patient education

Challenges Facing Practices:

  1. Too many patients leave treatment early because their pain is gone or the insurance runs out and they aren't actually corrected.
  2. Case acceptance rate on larger cash cases is too low unless the doctor personally handles every patient education consultation.
  3. If the doctor handles every patient education session, the practice cannot grow as he or she can only sit with so many people per day.
  4. It's very difficult to train staff to close larger cases or properly present reports of findings.
  5. There's not enough time to create a strong report of findings for each patient, so the practices are often forced to settle for a one page check box document that outlines the treatment program and price.
  6. Co-decision makers that aren't present at the report of findings stop the patient from seeking treatment too often.
  7. You finally get your case manager or patient care coordinator trained after several months and he or she leaves so you have to start all over again with a new hire.
  8. You don't know with complete certainty which employees are doing a great job and which ones are always busy but not getting anything accomplished.
  9. Figuring out which area of the practice to concentrate training efforts that will get the best result is hard to define.

Do any of these issues sound familiar? Do you face others?

We can help!

The Solution:

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We created an easy to use report of findings builder that incorporates all of the various buying strategies to help you increase your case acceptance rate. These reports can be built in just a few minutes and produce a WOW factor that will separate you from the competition and represent your practice very well.

We have also created a self paced online learning center for integrated practices. This learning center enables you to train your staff without having to be involved personally. The patient care coordinator training alone will increase revenue in most practices three fold. Our team of instructors have consulted Chiropractic practices nationwide, have provided practice management solutions, as well as built and sold integrated practices and businesses very successfully and share the elements that made their companies so valuable and sellable. Things like how to use statistics to increase your revenue, reduce turnover, improve team morale, and maximize profit are available to all users.