Practice Management

Chiropractic practice management has become more challenging over the years. Employee training and motivation are key in reducing turnover, demand creation has replaced the old lead generation strategies, and closing high-dollar cash cases is now extremely important, all while the talent pool is dwindling. How is a chiropractor supposed to run the business, treat patients, and make a decent profit?

Some of the most successful components of chiropractic practice management include:

  • A successful and proven business model
  • A solid sales strategy
  • A formula for adding new treatments and products
  • Structured, professional employee training
  • Statistical management
  • Demand creation – actually creating a demand for your services
  • A hybrid model of insurance and cash services
  • The ability to sell high-dollar cash services
  • A plan to have your employees do more of the work to free you up to create and build your business or finally get some time to yourself

Challenges for Chiropractic Practices

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You may have joined a group for $50,000 or more and found that you attend conferences, learn important strategies, protocols, etc. but have a hard time getting staff buy-in and participation.

When you return to the practice after the event, you’re busy, don’t have time, and often can’t remember every detail so it’s very difficult to get these new strategies and methods implemented.

Does this sound familiar?

We know this is true because our team speaks at events for Chiropractors on a regular basis and we get many calls in the following weeks asking for help with implementation.

At the event, it can be like drinking from a fire hose, how much can you possibly retain?

Another alternative is to hire a practice management group. This can be very expensive and often hard to keep their strategies implemented on a long-term basis. What happens when that group becomes successful and has so many clients that they can’t be there for you whenever you need them?

This is exactly why we created our practice management software, the Physicians Assistance Portal.

Online Chiropractic Staff Training

Studies show that employees need and appreciate training. A recent study by LinkedIn showed that more than 70% of people looking for jobs said that training offered by the company played a very important role in their decision to join a company. Another study showed that 78% of employees said that a lack of training was a big reason that they would leave their current job. Our portal has a learning center that is self-paced so your employees can be trained by industry leaders online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week whenever they have time. The learning center has training that will help your team become some of the very best in the industry. Think about how much time you will save by having top names in the industry train your staff while you concentrate on your business.

You will have training on business and sales strategies that have helped build many practices and other businesses reach high levels of profitability. You will learn how to build a business that can run well with or without you which may set you up for a very profitable exit.

Adding New Offerings

Many practices are becoming integrated but aren’t sure how to add new products. What are the steps? How can you pre-sell to be sure you’re funding the new additions with new revenue and not your money? How can you prepare your team for the launch? It’s all in the portal.

Closing More High-Dollar Cases

Integrated practices are presenting high-dollar cash cases on a regular basis. Closing high-dollar cases require specialized knowledge and outstanding reports of findings. It’s hard to close a $5000 to $10,000 case with an 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper with treatment boxes checked off and a hefty price at the bottom. The patient can’t possibly remember everything you talked about during the education process. If the co-decision maker isn’t present at the ROF, most times the case doesn’t close.

Our portal enables you to build some of the best educational reports of findings that you’ve ever seen that follow our proven sales methodology. One of our partners is a Master Neuro-Linguistics Programming Trainer. His field of study includes the various ways that potential patients assimilate and process data. This includes the decision-making strategies of the defined types of people. Some learn by reading, some by watching a video, others by hearing “expert opinion”, and still, some by viewing graphics. We have included all of these components in our report of findings. You will be meeting the patient’s buying strategy and closing more cases. Make a report in 5 to 8 minutes, present it to the patient, share a link via email if the co-decision maker is not present and watch your closing percentage soar to new heights.

Statistics Help Create Profit and Increase Staff Morale
statistics for chiropractors

Have you ever had an employee tell you that he or she wasn’t doing a good job? This really doesn’t happen very often. Statistics are the only way to really know what’s going well and what needs to be fine-tuned in your practice. Our portal makes it very easy to keep statistics on every aspect and on every person in the practice. This indicates what training is needed by each person to optimize your success. It will tell you what treatments are most profitable and which ones may not be worth your effort and so much more. In business school, statistics are taught as one of the most fundamental components of a well-run business. People that do their jobs well have great statistics. It’s also well known that the better a person is at his or her job the happier they are. Stats help you create a better environment with happier staff that turn over less often.

Why Does Marketing Fail

Most marketing agencies think that a lead is all it takes to get a new patient. They may tell you that leads are the lifeblood of any practice. This is an uninformed and uneducated view. Leads are merely an early step to bringing in new patients. And we can tell you that absolutely anyone can generate a ton of leads through social media. It’s what happens after you acquire the lead that matters. Most agencies will tell you that a CRM is a way to go. There is value to a CRM, but they aren’t specific to our industry, and you must fit a square peg in a round hole to use them.

We often hear from Docs that an agency got them tons of leads, but the leads were bad because they had no interest. This is because no need has been cultivated and without the cultivation of a need there will be no interest and the lead is dead. This is a primary reason that marketing fails.

Demand Creation is Far More Effective Than Lead Generation

Demand creation utilizes an intelligent education system to help a potential patient feel his or her actual need, create interest and build value in your treatment and practice. This is accomplished with a Patient Relationship Management system that compounds your marketing effectiveness. Your website is one of the best educational tools that you have. If it isn’t working well we recommend talking with Just Click it Digital Marketing. They’ve done a great job for hundreds of practices.

Most practices have developed hundreds or thousands of leads in the last year or two and they are sitting in a spreadsheet or a CRM that sent them sales and marketing texts and emails for a while but has stopped and the leads are now dormant.

When you utilize our Patient Relationship Management System, your marketing investment pays off now and improves over time. The key to success in marketing is to bring patients in today but also to build your database of potential patients and educate them on a regular basis with the right material. This doesn’t mean constantly sending sales messages for 30 or 60 days and then giving up. A proper system will have patients reach out several months, or even a year or more after initial lead acquisition. Especially when you are an integrated practice offering elective or other cash services. Our educational materials are written by a team with tremendous experience in the Integrated Chiropractic field.

What Else is in This Practice Management Software

The portal also includes studies on treatments, marketing materials, and even presentations that you can make to groups at lunch and learns or dinner seminars. We’ve made it easy to double or even triple your practice at a very inexpensive price. Most practices can’t believe how little we charge. We are so affordable because our goal is to have every Integrated Chiropractic practice in the Country using our portal to help them grow their businesses.