Implementing New Things

Development and learning objectives:

Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for effective and efficient implementation of strategies, processes, and projects in diverse professional settings.

This course helps you successfully implement new treatments, services, equipment, etc., into your practice in a way that enables you to outpace inflation and increased costs. In addition, you will be better prepared to implement new things quickly, diversify, expand, grow, and adapt to any situation that may come your way as healthcare changes.


  • Create the idea
  • Organize your plan
  • Practice before launch
  • Pre-sell the service to fund the new treatment/service
  • Implement your great ideas more successfully

Across nine self-paced modules, you gain insights into the significance of project management and the effective implementation of a phased approach to attain a success rate of 100%. ABOUT THE TRAINER: T. R. MCMANUS How to Implement New Things Trainer TR McManus

As the co-founder of the Optimal Longevity Academy, T.R. has been at the forefront of advancing holistic approaches to longevity and well-being. His journey in the health sector is both inspiring and impactful, having co-founded Infinity Regenerative Medicine and Physicians Assistance, organizations that are synonymous with innovation and excellence in healthcare. Early in his career, he demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial skills, building and successfully exiting several integrated clinics. This experience not only honed his business acumen but also deepened his understanding of the healthcare landscape, eventually leading him to focus on regenerative medicine and longevity.