Chiropractic Call Center

Why use a chiropractic call center?

Scenario 1

  • The phones are ringing, the front desk is checking a patient out while greeting a new patient and she grabs the phone and puts it on hold.
  • What happens now?
  • What percentage do you think hang up?
  • Spoiler Alert - It’s high for first time callers.

Scenario 2

  • The caller has a question about treatment and again she’s checking someone in and someone out and can’t take the time to answer the question.
  • Or worse, she doesn’t know the answer “wings it” and her answer is totally wrong.
  • Either way you lose a new patient.
  • How much business could your practice lose due to an overworked front desk?

One of our partners owns a company that builds websites and does digital marketing for chiropractors nationwide. That team has heard so many calls go really badly at the front desk that the best option was to open a chiropractic call center to help.

chiropractic call center team

What does the call center do for practices?

  • The team is trained by people that know the chiropractic industry well and train practices on ways to add new services and increase revenue. This team can handle questions well.
  • This is all our team does so we have the time to spend with potential patients to put them at ease and let them know that you are the right practice for them.
  • Our reps qualify the leads before scheduling them for you.
  • Not all potential patients call – some fill out forms – our team calls them directly ASAP.
  • We use text, email, and outbound phone calls to educate and nurture potential patients and turn them into qualified appointments.
  • Confirmations are sent.
  • Reminder calls are made either the morning of, or the night before, the appointment to increase show rate.
  • Recovery actions are implemented for no shows.
  • Recordings of phone calls are available to you.

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